Hikari no Otousan Episode 2 Subs 70% done

Hey guys, as I kind of expected, I fell behind working on the subs this week due to my job, but I’m about 70% or more done with the translations.

This episode has a few cultural references and phrases that I was unfamiliar with (especially the scene with Akio’s coworker), so I had to consult my girlfriend and ask about those. I don’t know anything about manga like Kachou Kousaku Shima, for example.

Because I’m not a super die hard Final Fantasy fan, and I only played a beta thingy of FFXIV back in 2013, I also wasn’t sure why Maidy shouts “Yoshida!” after discovering the reason his dad quit playing the game. It is a reference to the game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida. I guess players often shout this when something goes wrong in the game, kind of like blaming him for everything. The original blogger of Hikari no Otousan talks about that in detail in this blog post. I guess the producers had a hard time deciding whether to keep that line in the episode or not.

That’s the other thing too. I realized the correct way to spell Maidy’s name is Maidy, not Maidi. The name appears in this episode as Maidy. So, from now on that’s what it’ll be in the subtitles, haha.

I realized once again that translating anything requires lots of research of different pop culture, nuances of words, and idioms. I’m learning a lot just from these 2 episodes I’ve been working on.

Well, the next post should be the finished subs for Episode 2, so stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Hikari no Otousan Episode 2 Subs 70% done

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