Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no Otousan Episode 5 and FINAL Episode 7 Eng Subs complete!

Hey guys, the wait is finally over! I cranked out the last 2 episodes for you at once so you can finally see the ending. I learned a lot through translating this series, and I hope you guys all enjoyed the subs I made. I definitely learned a few tricks to translating faster and more efficiently, so when I do projects in the future there won’t be as long of a wait between episodes. I’m aware that there is a bonus episode 8 to this drama, but I don’t have access to the Japanese subs, and I don’t have time to try to transcribe and time all the subs. So for right now, I won’t be doing the bonus episode (don’t worry, it’s like 99% unrelated to the main story 😉 ). Thanks again for your patience and support guys!

Link to D-Addicts downloads

Dropbox Episode 6 SRT

Dropbox Episode 7 SRT


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